Over the last few years since I started on my healing journey I have collected many documents, information sheets etc. These have been collected from websites, books, newsletters, conferences and professional sources.  I have tried to the best of my knowledge to reference documents but some of it may have been plagiarised without my knowledge, so if you recognise any of this work as being your own, please let me know so that we can reference your work or remove it if you wish..


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We have tried to include as many subjects as possible. As we find more infomation we will update the website. To help you with more comprehensive information please see our links page


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Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling.

Nightmares and Sleeping Problems


Flashbacks and Panic Attacks

Learning to Feel



            Healing Our Past Experiences



                             Self-help and support services for adult survivors of childhood and or adult sexual abuse

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Eating Problems

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