Adult Sexual Abuse


What is the sexual abuse of adults?

Sexual abuse of adults includes both sexual assualt and rape.

Sexual harassment includes any unwelcome sexual advances or unwanted sexual contact by another adult. People involved in sexual harassment may also tell sexual jokes, ask for sexual favours, and/or use crude or abusive language in the presence of someone else who is not inviting the behaviour. Victims of harassment may wrongly blame themselves for having somehow contributed to the harassment.


Rape is the forceful act of sexual intercourse against a person's will or consent. The focus of rape is power or anger and not sex. Rape is frequently carried out by someone known to the victim and can even occur within a marriage. Anal intercourse, which may accompany rape, is called sodomy. Fellatio, oral sex, may also be a forced act that accompanies a rape. Threats of serious bodily harm or death are often connected to a rape. Following an assault, victims of sexual abuse will often feel like they have been ruined by the horrible, painful event. Victims of rape may also wrongly blame themselves for somehow getting into a situation where the assault occurred.


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