Date rape is one of the most under reported forms of rape that happens. Unfortunately because the attacker is usually known to the victim, and also trusted by them, date rape can be extremely damaging in its effects. It is only recently that date rape has been taken seriously by the police.


 Also in recent years, there has been an increase in the use of the so called date rape drug Flunitrazepam (which goes under the brand name of Rohypnol). This is part of a group of drugs known as Benzodiazepines, the best known of which is probably Valium, although Flunitrazepam is some 8 to 12 times more potent (2 to 3 times more again when mixed with alcohol). When mixed with alcohol, this can cause almost complete sedation and amnesia within 20 minutes, that can last from 6 to 8 hours. Obviously, one should be extremely careful when drinking at parties etc. Flunitrazepam can be detected in blood tests, but only when done immediately after the person comes around.


Date rape is not just a female related thing, as male/male rape also often happens this way, even when the victim is not gay, and the assailant may be married but bisexual without the victim knowing. (Only about 4% of people are gay, yet some 20% to 30% are bisexual to some extent). Of course this does not mean that all bisexual people are rapists, no more than all males are either. Also, of course, there are bisexual females, whom can still rape a female with objects etc and have other forms of sex.

Unlike rape by an unknown person, date rape is seen by many as far less often an act of power and control, and more as out of control lust by many people


Date rape as any sexual abuse is a  violation of the victims rights, trust and control over their own body, and their right to decide whom they have sex with.


If you suspect you have been drugged and sexually abused seek support straight away. If you feel you cannot contact the police call a rape crisis or abuse group in your area for support. (see links page)




Date Rape

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