The emotional feelings and effects of child sexual abuse are can be wide ranging, and will vary from survivor to survivor.  This often depends on a number of different factors such as  age of the victim when the abuse happened and /or the age of the survivors now, the type of abuse,the duration of the abuse, the number of perpetrators, the kind of the relationship with the perpetrator, 

 whether the abuse was violent, what other abuse may or may not have happened ie  emotional or physical. In fact their are many factors that can be identified.


What we need to look at here is the effects sexual abuse has had on and individual. I have made a list (see right) of many short and long term emptional effects that may happen to survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Some individuals will have one some may have most of them. 



The list is long but there are ways or working through and dealing with them. We hope to add articles to look at all the issues this list. these can be found under the 'Dealing with' button on the right. 








Emotional Effects of Sexual Abuse

Includes feelings of:

  • confusion

  • powerlessness

  • helplessness

  • pain

  • betrayal

  • sadness

  • grief

  • loss

  • feeling dirty

  • shame

  • vulnerable

  • unsafe

  • scared

  • terrified

  • horrified

  • depressed

  • angry

  • numb from feelings and body

  • suspicious

  • untrusting

  • tortured

  • sensitive

  • emotional

  • hurt

  • panic

  • anxiety
spaced out

  •  miserable


    The emotional feelings and  effects of childhood abuse

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