The aim of the HOPE is to give holistic support to victims to enable them to face their issues and gain control of their lives.


HOPE believes that every person using our service has the right:


·          To be listened to

·          To be believed

·          To confidentiality

·          To express emotions in a safe environment

Not to be discriminated against in any way

·          To receive information of the service and other services   available

·          Not to be abused in any way



 HOPE also believes


*                               People are never to blame for the abuse they have suffered

*                                      With support it is possible to heal from the effects of abuse.


HOPE aims


To brings together survivors of childhood sexual abuse, in a safe and confidential environment, to help and support each other.

We aim to support adults through their healing to ensure that they are given every possible opportunity to become empowered to make their own choices in the healing process.


This will enable individuals to:


·        Seek access to therapy / counselling

·        Form trusting friendships, form relationships and / or

     improve family lives

·        Seek assistance for drug or alcohol addictions

·        Report perpetrators to the police, further empowering them

     to see offenders brought to justice

·        Return to or start education or employment


Benefits to the wider community:


·        Early intervention for younger adults, resulting in avoiding some or all of the long term effects of abuse

·        Increase in public awareness of the needs of adult victims of abuse

·        Reduce stigma and discrimination and promote social inclusion

·        Promote effective partnership working with both statutory and  voluntary agencies

·        Promote rural self-help


We offer resources and information as well as practical and emotional support.


Aims and Beliefs of HOPE Groups

Every survivor deep down

knows what they personally

need to heal.  







HOPE offer's a safe confidential enviroment with the many different tools and support systems to allow survivors to

find their way to healing





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                                Self-help and support services for adult survivors of childhood and or adult sexual abuse

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