What Children do they abuse?


Sexual abusers (perpetrators) are over 80 percent of the time someone who a child knows, trusts and often loves. Most abusers tend to be male but small percentages are female.


This can including fathers mothers, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts and cousins; family friends, neighbours and bchild, and is trusted by the child's parent/s.

The perpetrator can also sometimes rely on a child's ignorance, helplessness, and trust.


In the case of older siblings abusing younger siblings, this can often at the behest of a perpetrator and in that case the child who abusers may have no choice or they may believe it is normal behaviour due to their own experience


All children are vulnerable to sexual abuse. Sexual abuse has no barriers whether class race, class, religion, culture, and country.  Survivors have come forward from every walk of life.


Once a child has been sexually abused, they can be come more vulnerable to being abused by other abusers.   A child can learn that sexual abuse is something that happens to them and is something that people will continue to do. This can carry on into adult life.  This is not the individuals fault.      This is why children whose sexual abuse has been discovered by what ever way need appropriate help as soon as the abuse is discovered.


Other children who are vulnerable to sexual abuse are those who have other abuses in their life i.e. emotional or physical. When a child’s needs are not met perpetrators will use that vulnerability to exploit a child. Children may revel in the attention or find their emotional needs met.  This may be at a price but some attention no matter what can be unfortunately better than none. Again this is not the child’s fault.



Usually the perpetrator has easy access to the child or children because she/he has responsibility for the child at times, or takes care of or visits the

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